Here are some frequently asked questions that we hear about our photo booth rental services. If you have other questions, just ask!


Why a booth?
Firstly, it’s FUN!!! Guests will enjoy taking silly photos, especially as the night goes on. The main advantage of using a booth over a photographer and mini studio is that people will relax! If a photographer is getting you to pose, it’s hard to act natural and show a real smile. In the automatic booth, guests can see themselves on screen and feel more relaxed, so the resulting photos capture the natural and real expressions. Our booth design also offers the advantage of space! Other photobooths will only fit 2-4 people sitting, but our booth can suit anywhere from 2 to 15 or even more!

Can the booth do photo and video?
You bet! The video function is disabled as standard (most people prefer to just use the photos) unless you want to have it on. Guests can choose to take photos or leave a video message to the bride and groom. Both options can be available all night, so you get the best of both worlds! For video to work well, the booth should be away from loud music.

Is it easy for people to use?
Very! A simple touchscreen allows guests to start the process. They can then keep one copy of the photos as a gift from you, and can put another copy of the photostrip in an album, and write a short message to the couple. This is great to look back on the next day! Don’t forget, a dedicated booth attendant will be there to help people as well.

When will you set up the booth?
The booth will be set up and ready to roll at a pre-arranged time. Usually it will be set up during the meal outside the door of the room (or wherever we have arranged – somewhere people will be passing is best), and will kick off after the meal/speeches. It can also be set up in the room after the meal.

How long does it take to set up and how big is the photo booth?
Set up is only about 40 minutes. The booth requires about 3m x 3m floor space, ideally against a wall. A power source is also required within a short distance.

How long will you be set up?
This is usually for 3 hours from the arranged start time, but extra time can be arranged for a fee. It’s up to you! 

Where will you travel?
Although we are based in Galway and the midwest of Ireland, we will travel everywhere! Sligo, Athlone, Limerick, Dublin, Cork….. you name it!

Who will mind the photo booth and get people to use it?
A fun booth attendant will be there for the night, and will encourage your guests to give it a go. We can also leave a reminder on each table for your guests if you like (optional at no cost). It won’t take from your party either, as people will be coming and going all night (rather than the whole crowd leaving the dancefloor!).

What type of booth do you use, and how many can fit in it?
The booth is open and has a curtain backing, which allows for a lot more flexibility than traditional ‘box’ booths. This allows both intimate shots of small groups, but if needed it can take large group shots! People stand in the booth, and there are usually some sort of silly antics afoot in it!

What colour is the background?
Background colour is white as a standard as this tends to have the best lighting results. Please ask if you want other backgrounds.

Can you print photos off there and then?
Yes! Photo strips are usually printed in 2″ x 6″ size, but you can also print photos in 4″ x 6″. Printing takes just a few seconds using the latest sub dye printer technology (as used by photo printing companies when you get your holiday photos printed!). These are of extremely high quality, won’t smudge (cheaper inkjet printers will), and are automatically cut to size by the printer.

How many photos can I take/print?
Your guests can take unlimited photos! Our package prints two copies of each photostrip… one for you and one for the guest! If you want, you can print extra copies (optional).

Do you provide fun ‘props’?
These are indeed provided as standard. Depending on your preference we can bring simple elegant (but fun) props, or we can bring silly and crazy props. As standard we generally bring a bit of everything and let the guests decide.

Do you supply an album/scrapbook to stick prints in?
Yes, we provide a high quality scrapbook album with plenty of space for your photos and messages from all your guests! If you want to provide your own album either, that’s fine!

Can you put a message on the photostrip?
Yes, you can put a message or image on them. Usually something like your names, date, or a “Thank you for sharing our day” type message. These make great favours/gifts for your guests.

Can the photos be uploaded online?
Of course. We upload photos to Facebook (great for everyone to tag each other, share, etc.). This is only done on request. Either way, you will receive a high resolution digital copy of all images taken on the night on a disc with your album.

Have you another question?? Just drop us a message via the contact page!